Welcome to the world of Punk Psychology™.

Maybe it’s the name “punk”; maybe it’s early Alzheimer’s! But I got into a confusion with my IT manager over what goes where and who gets what.

Here’s a clarification.

Join The Punk Psychology™ Welcome (free beginners)

It has always been my intention that there is a completely FREE pathway into learning Punk Psychology™, at least at the beginner’s level. That includes a free download of the manual, section by section (links will be sent out each week).

I wish to re-affirm that decision. Those of you who want to follow that path, it starts by enrolling on the site, via the free membership link, which is this one:


The weekly webinars will be accumulated and posted for you to review, as often as you like.

As I made clear last night on the webinar, there will be a “fast track” for anyone in a hurry. You can buy the manual, complete, for $39.95 via this link and get started on an amazing journey (some reading required though).

Later there will be a coached membership, for those who want to take a professional approach to Hypnoetics™ piloting (which is what I christened “Punk Psychology™”). There will be personal coaching from me and lots of teaching videos in the member’s area.

The “fast track” will be announced in due course. It’s not mandatory. Joining that you will become a Punk Tribe member. Meantime, just join Punk Psychology™ Welcome

All the techniques will be shared for free, if you are not in any hurry!

It’s totally free to join. Just follow the link (this one):


See you inside!


PS It’s not Alzheimer’s, it’s techno-overload.