Watch what others have to say about Punk Psychology:

Bill Henderson

The late Bill was a much loved figure working and publishing in the cancer alternatives arena. He had a high regard for Dr. Keith and is clearly admiring of his works.

Brenda Wade

Brenda Wade is a well-known psychologist. She’s been on the Dr. Oz Show (she’s not allowed to say that but we are!)

Stan and Mary

Stan and Mary Durst come over as passionate fans of Dr. Keith’s teachings, as you can hear.

Nicholas Zaldastani

Nicholas has been a close follower of Dr. Keith, a great admirer, and has been able to offer invaluable business suggestions. He attends as many of Dr. Keith’s events as possible.

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After Our Unique Punk Psychology “Piloting” Procedure

Here are some guys who actually experienced the amazing and life-changing procedures we learn with Punk Psychology.

Lisa Best
Lisa literally is the “best”! She came early to the Punk Psychology Project and has been an avid learner since. Here’s her point of view on what it can do.

John Sunde

John’s first encounter with Punk Psychology almost blew him away, it was so profound. And yet after a very short time (only 30 minutes into his piloting). John now wants to learn Punk Psychology and become a professional PP pilot.
He has already studied hypnotism and NLP and considers what Dr. Keith has developed to be far superior, in depth and understanding.

I’m hard at work putting the finishing touches on the content and webinars.

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