How The Project Is Strung Together

Well folks, we’re making history and I don’t think anyone promised we’d get everything right first go. That’s wannabe and also-ran copycat stuff. We are pioneers and doing it first time, right off the cuff. We are learning too!

Here’s what is supposed to happen:

  1. You get on board and land on the introductory page, where you can download the “starter pack” (The Preface and Chapters 1 and 2) You should have been there already, if you joined.
  2. The remaining chapters are dripped to you weekly, two at a time (3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and so on…)
  3. There is a weekly webinar, teaching you more and including actual demonstrations, live on air. These are being hosted on the Teaching pages, starting with Teaching 1 (Hey!)
  4. You will be asked to actually DO and practice the techniques, getting better, with increasing degrees of skill and familiarity. Nothing too difficult though!

You can also keep up with cool testimonials from people who have already experienced the amazing changes of Punk Psychology and other of Dr. Keith’s self-growth writings: here